Louisville needs more trees.

TreesLouisville works to protect and expand Louisville’s urban forest through tree planting, public awareness, education and collaboration.

Why trees matter

We are making our city greener.

TreesLouisville is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising the public awareness of the value of the community forest and Louisville’s tree canopy deficit and to plant trees in areas of greatest need.

Our vision is a more livable and healthy community for Louisville’s current and future generations through a robust tree canopy.

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Our tree population is shrinking.

Louisville loses 54,000 trees a year due to storms, invasive pests, development and old age. Without mitigation, our city’s tree canopy cover could fall to as low as 21% in the next few decades. Through planting and preservation, our goal is to reach 45% canopy by 2050.

Why are trees

Fighting for the trees.

TreesLouisville is dedicated to planting trees and raising the public awareness of the importance of Louisville’s urban tree canopy. We partner with schools, businesses, places of worship, Louisville Metro and other nonprofits to maximize our collective impact. Learn more about past planting projects, get info on tree planting and maintenance and find out how you can get involved in Louisville’s tree planting efforts!


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