Tree Maintenance Providers

Do you have a tree on your property that requires care?

The best way to find a qualified professional is to check the International Society of Arboriculture website. Click on “Find an Arborist” and enter your zip code to view a list of certified arborists within your region. A certified arborist has documented years of experience in the business, passed a rigorous exam, and keeps up with best management practices through required continuing educational units.

Here you’ll find a partial list of tree maintenance providers in the Louisville area that have a certified arborist on staff and are insured and bonded.

Abundant Tree Care Services

o 502-297- 1578

Bob Ray Company

o 502-425- 7654

Danka Tree Service

o 502-797- 7003

Greenhaven Tree Care

o 502-244- 8770

Limbwalker Tree Service

o 502-634- 0400

Phelps Tree Service

o 502-239- 1323

Tree Care of Louisville

o 502-265- 5535