Print Your Own Tree Tag

Download our Tree Tag and share the value of your tree with your neighborhood!

What you’ll need:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Calculator
  3. String or twine (preferably biodegradable)
  4. Sheet protector/sleeve/laminator
  5. Internet connection

Once you’ve chosen the tree you’d like to tag, identify the species. Then, with a measuring tape, measure the circumference (in inches) of the trunk at chest height.

Next, you’ll need to calculate the diameter (the width of the tree). Using your calculator, enter the circumference measurement and divide that number by pi (~3.14).

With your tree species and diameter measurement handy, head to Enter your ZIP code, select your species from the drop-down menu, enter the diameter and select the land use type. Hit “Calculate” to get your tree values*.

Add these values to your Tree Tag — then hang your tag on your tree for everyone to read and learn what makes trees so beneficial to our community!

*The Tree Benefit Calculator only provides the dollar value of benefits for the current year; you can find the average lifespan of your tree species (for urban trees, generally 15-50 years depending on species and location) and multiply the current year value by the number of years to get an approximate value of the tree over the course of its lifetime.