Tree Planting & Care Information

There are a number of helpful and informative resources that can be used to answer questions you may have about tree planting and care. We recommend the International Society for Arboriculture / Trees Are Good and Arbor Day Foundation, among others. Here are some basics to get you started! The USDA Forest Service also provides a Tree Owner’s Manual, a wonderful resource for all things tree-related.


Where Should I Plant?

Think: Right Tree, Right Place. Trees planted in inappropriate places can create a number of problems — trees that grow too large under overhead utility lines can cause damage during storms and will be trimmed, often leading to a shortened lifespan for the tree. Trees planted too close to underground utility lines can damage as well. Follow the guide below to determine where best to plant your new tree.


How To Plant A New Tree

It’s important to remember to call BUD (Before You Dig – 811) before doing digging of any kind — it’s Kentucky law. They’ll inspect for any underlying utilities and mark them for you.


Arbor Day Foundation also gives step-by-step instructions for planting bare root and containerized trees.

Proper Mulching Techniques

Mulching is essential to keeping your tree happy and healthy! The mulch ring around the base of the tree provides a barrier against lawn mowers, weed eaters and other equipment that could damage the trunk. It prevents weeds from growing, and eventually decomposes, slowly feeding the tree with important nutrients. But too much mulch can be a problem too! Beware of volcano mulching — piling the mulch so high around the trunk can be an invitation for diseases and pests. Learn the ins and outs of proper mulching.

Proper Pruning Techniques

So your new tree is ready to be pruned (hooray!) — pruning will help the tree develop in a proper form that’ll require less maintenance later. Head over to the ISA to learn how to get your tree looking great!


Need something visual?

Visit our Tree Care Videos page to view step-by-step instructions on tree planting and care.