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Volunteer with TreesLouisville


Interested in volunteering with TreesLouisville? We’d love to hear from you! Keep an eye out for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities on our blog, or reach out to us at


Be an Online Ambassador

Building community engagement and awareness is a large part of TreesLouisville’s mission. One of the easiest ways to volunteer is to become an Online Ambassador! Like, Share or Comment on our social media platforms and help us spread the word about the benefits trees provide to our city, tree-related news and upcoming events!


Become a Citizen Advocate

We’re always looking for passionate people with an interest in local politics! Call your Council Representatives to let them know that you support measures to improve the tree canopy, including passing a comprehensive tree ordinance. You can voice your opinion at Planning Commission meetings regarding development proposals that include clear cutting existing tree canopy. No effort is too big or too small — any action you take to help advocate for a healthier tree canopy means Louisville is one step closer to being greener, happier and healthier too.


Other Volunteer Opportunities


Help Your Olmsted Parks

Become a Citizen Forester

Louisville is home to 18 impressive parks designed by the famous landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. The Olmsted Parks Conservancy counts on more than 1,000 dedicated Park Champion volunteers to protect the Olmsted-designed parks. In addition to a number of events for volunteers (both individuals and groups are welcome), the Conservancy also offers a Park Steward program. In-depth training is provided by Olmsted Parks Conservancy staff in order for volunteers to help with park projects, volunteer events and/or community outreach.



Local non-profit Louisville Grows hosts multiple educational programs a year to enable citizens to become tree activists in their own neighborhoods. Louisville Grows offers forestry training for individuals of all abilities, from young to old. They also organize numerous planting events during each tree-planting season, from November through April.