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WAVE3: TreesLouisville To Plant 140 Trees at Newburg Middle School - TreesLouisville

TreesLouisville to plant 140 trees at Newburg Middle School

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – TreesLouisville is planting 140 trees at Newburg Middle School as part of our effort to improve the livability of Louisville through a robust tree canopy.

The tree planting is part of an ongoing partnership with JCPS that has seen over 2,500 trees planted across 42 campuses over the last three years.

According to a study released in 2015, Louisville loses 54,000 trees each year or the equivalent of 820 acres. Partners like JCPS enable plantings on a large scale that benefit our school campuses both environmentally and aesthetically.

Below is a statement from Newburg Middle School Principal Nicole Adell:

“As principal of Newburg Middle School who works very closely with community partners, having the opportunity to collaborate with Trees Louisville has been fantastic. Their approach to ensure that all stakeholders at the school level and within the Newburg Petersburg Community had input on the scope of the project was key. Trees Louisville has definitely been intentional with listening and responding to school and community members who will benefit from this project, and by doing so, there will be longevity to adding more trees to our community.”

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