Shacklette Elementary

Shacklette playground

The librarian at Shacklette Elementary, Mrs. Trompeter, contacted us through our website. She heard about our work and asked for our help. When the new additions were made at the school, the library was designed with long windows that face southwest. She and the students were forced to keep the window shades closed because the sun was so hot coming in the windows. She was looking for shade! When we went to look at the school, we found that there were no trees to provide shade for the walking track or play equipment either.

The principal, Mr. Garnett, was thrilled to have the UK Landscape Architecture students come to look at the campus and create a design plan. Our focus for tree planting is on the front walking track, which is also well-used by neighbors exercising and dog walking, and the playground area, again, utilized by students and neighbors alike (and of course, the library). The design features mostly native trees, a total of 89 trees so far, with plans to add more in the coming planting seasons. The office staff says that neighbors stop by almost daily to say they love the new look.