Our partnership with Riverport, a business park located in southwest Louisville, came about rather serendipitously. Initially, we contacted the Metro Division of Community Forestry to help us identify large green spaces prime for large tree planting projects. And identify they did — they presented us with a map for Riverport that revealed the potential opportunity for a whopping 7,000 trees! Since that discovery, we have worked with Riverport and some of the individual businesses to plant 27 trees this past spring. We have since performed a second round of planting and have installed small groves of trees around bus stops throughout the business park to provide shade for public transit riders and add some natural beauty.

With a generous donation from the HDR engineering firm to fund tree planting and the help of HDR volunteers, we planted 28 trees one misty morning in October, including on the campus of The Center at Riverport, a JCPS preschool.