Get a tree rebate

PLANT A TREE - RAKE IN SOME CASH Purchase a shade tree and receive 40% off the purchase price (up to $80)! Sponsored by TreesLouisville and the Louisville Metro Division of Community Forestry

Lower your bills – and raise your value

Shade in the summer and a buffer against winter winds can lower your energy bills and trees raise property values of landscaped homes.

Breathe easy

Trees release oxygen and help filter pollutants out of the air – as much as 7-24% – reducing respiratory illness.

Keep our city cool

Trees release water vapor into the atmosphere and create shade, both effective ways of controlling the Urban Heat Island effect and keeping our city cool!

Help restore the canopy

Louisville’s tree canopy loses about 54,000 trees every year. Trees provide so many benefits to our city’s residents and are a vital part of our city’s infrastructure, so ask yourself – Have you planted a tree today?

Eligibility requirements

  • Tree must be considered a shade tree*. Species considered invasive are not eligible.**
  • Tree must be planted in a residential yard
  • Program open to Jefferson County, KY residents only
  • Max 3 submissions per household
  • Tree must measure at least 1in in diameter at a point 6in above soil line
  • Rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis while funds are available
  • Rebate is only eligible for purchase price of tree (i.e. excludes tax, planting or delivery fees, etc.)

* Shade trees are generally medium to large sized trees that have spreading canopies (think oaks, maples, lindens and elms), though smaller species like redbuds or serviceberries would also fall under this category. Avoid dwarf ornamental varieties. If you have questions about whether your tree is eligible for a rebate, email

** For a list of prohibited trees and trees appropriate for our region, refer to the DCF Master Tree List. Prohibited species are listed on the final page.

Support your locally owned nurseries!

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