Our One Million Dollar Challenge Grant

You have probably heard by now that TreesLouisville has secured a One Million Dollar Challenge Grant (I love typing that!!). We will use these funds to plant more trees in our community, particularly in those areas identified by the 2015 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment and to launch a public education campaign so that everyone in the community understands the value of trees as an integral part of our city’s infrastructure.

In order to completely secure the one million dollars from this grant, we have to raise another million dollars to match it. That’s where you come in! Please help us in any way you can. Make a donation, host an event, talk to your friends about trees. And perhaps most importantly-plant a tree. If each of us plants a tree, our canopy will improve. ¬†And you need to let us know that you are helping. Go to Brightside’s website and register your tree with the Louisville tree tracker.