Lincoln Elementary (Part 2)

TreesLouisville’s partnership with Lincoln Elementary began in early 2016, where we worked with the school’s administrators and custodial staff to plant a diverse selection of species of trees that provide the ecosystem services of air quality improvement, storm water management, and mitigation of the heat island effect so important to an urban school. The addition of trees helped to provide shade for outdoor spaces and soften the abundance of concrete, but our ability to plant more trees was limited due to the amount of hardscaping.

So what did we do? We made room! Fast-forward to this autumn: thanks to donations from local companies JBS, White Clay, and Plumbers Supply and the Lincoln Elementary PTA, we were able to install a series of sidewalk cuts along Market St. and Wenzel St. and planted 13 new trees in a neighborhood that has one of the lowest tree canopy covers in Louisville. We look forward to when these trees will be tall enough to shade the playground and cool the hot concrete in summertime!