The Joan Riehm Tree at Seneca Park

A conversation about providing a specimen tree to honor Joan Riehm was initiated at the 2015 Joan Riehm Environmental Leadership Award ceremony that was hosted by TreesLouisville and the Louisville Nursery Association in Metro Hall in August 2015. It seemed so perfectly fitting to have a beautiful tree planted in a park that was so special to Joan.

The tree is plated at the intersection of Peewee Reese and Rock Creek Roads in Seneca Park. You can’t miss it; it is about 25 feet tall. It is a magnificent Cutleaf Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica). The tree is approximately 30 years old, an upright, columnar form. It was originally acquired from Theodore Klein’s collection; Jules Klein made this graft of the cultivar ‘Rohanii’. It was grown by Tommy Bachman at Goshen Gardens in Oldham County.

TreesLouisville purchased the tree from Goshen Gardens and Carl Ray Nursery and Landscape donated the transplanting. Olmsted Parks Conservancy will water the tree during establishment.