Goldsmith Lane Elementary

     Soccer field prior to planting

The project at Goldsmith Lane Elementary started after we received a call from John DeMarsh at JCPS Maintenance. He told us that he had received a request for a building notification to plant trees and asked if we wanted to meet there to talk about tree planting. One of the teachers had brought in some small Tulip Poplars from his property and wanted to plant them with his students. We thought that was a great idea, but noticed that the campus needed some larger trees as well.

Goldsmith Elementary shares its campus with Seneca High School and The Binet School. There is a soccer field behind the school, and fortunately it’s placed so that almost two sides have a nice sloped area that allows for an elevated view of the field. We were able to plant trees up on the slope that will eventually provide shade for family and friends that will be sitting on the sidelines watching the games. As well as around the field, we planted shade trees around the play equipment area so the kids and teachers will be able to stay nice and cool in the warmer months!

New trees ready for planting

In another area of the campus, there are walkways between the buildings. We noticed that this area tends to hold water due to inadequate drainage. In order to remedy the situation, we chose to plant London Planes and Black Gums because these trees can handle the extra moisture. As they grow, they will also help with the drainage problems. A mature London Plane tree can pull as much as 300 gallons of water up out of the soil every single day!