From the IOBY Blog: Funding a Climbing Tree Playground

We are so excited to have the story of our Maupin Elementary Climbing Tree project featured on the In Our Back Yard blog!

From the blog post:

Right now, Trees Louisville is raising money via ioby to continue a tree planting project at one of those 13 schools: Maupin Elementary. An innovative, Waldorf-inspired school, Maupin staff believe in teaching through play, nature, arts, and dance, as well as more traditional curriculum. So it’s fitting that they’re to be the recipients, if enough money is raised (and they’re more than halfway to their goal of $28,871), of an absolutely majestic, almost-fairytale-proportioned 35-year old Contorted European Beech tree. In plain English, that’s world’s best climbing tree ever. The thing is 25 feet wide, and 15 feet tall. WHOA.

WHOA, indeed! To give you an idea of the size of this amazing tree, here’s a photo of Cindi, our Executive Director, scoping it out!


This ‘tree playground’ has the great potential for providing children with opportunities for everything from muscular development to problem solving, as well as helping to beautify a neighborhood and improve Louisville’s tree canopy.

Read more about this awesome project over at our campaign page and also on our website.