Free Tree Giveaway for Irish Hill Residents

Winter is beginning to come to a close, and it’s the perfect time of year to start getting some trees in the ground! With a generous grant from the Louisville Metro Division of Community Forestry, we are undertaking a planting project in the Irish Hill neighborhood and hope to begin digging by the end of February.

Residents of Irish Hill are eligible to receive one of six different species of trees we have selected for their decorative qualities and ease of maintenance. Imagine — a colorful neighborhood blossoming with magnolias in spring, shade in the middle of a hot summer, and vibrant foliage in fall!

Trees are free to recipients with an agreement that the recipient will manage watering. Interested residents should read the brochure below.

Forms can be printed and mailed to:

TreesLouisville, Inc.
P.O. Box 5816
Louisville, KY 40255

In order to capitalize on plant availability and seasonal timing, all submissions must be received by Sunday, February 19th.

View Brochure