Foster Traditional Academy

When devising new planting projects, we strive to develop landscape plans that will not only improve the natural environment of theĀ surrounding area, but offer benefits that improve the health and wellness of the people living in that community. That’s one of our focuses for our upcoming project at Foster Traditional Academy, a JCPS elementary school located at South 41st Street in the Chickasaw neighborhood. Foster is a beautiful school with a large campus that has unfortunately seen its tree canopy decline in recent years, in part due to the loss of a number of ash trees. We saw a lot of potential in this campus because of the space available for lots of trees, and we also noticed that due to the school’s proximity to the Shawnee Expressway, the students who play on the soccer field are exposed to the air and noise pollution from passing cars.

The answer: a green screen! The landscape plan, done by our own Mike Hayman, includes a “screen” of trees planted along the periphery of the field. These trees will intercept air pollutants and act as a noise buffer against the traffic and create a healthier environment for the students and teachers.