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What kinds of trees does TreesLouisville plant? Where do TreesLouisville’s trees come from? - TreesLouisville

We utilize a variety of region-appropriate species, many native, in our projects. Because our goal is canopy improvement, the majority of the trees we plant are mid-and-over-story trees, which will shade our sidewalks, intercept stormwater, filter air pollutants, and more. When developing our project designs, we take factors such as location (wet, dry), soil type (acidic, sandy, etc.), color, texture, size, and features like flowers and seeds into account.

With the exception of the seedlings we distribute for our yearly Freshman Tree Giveaway (sourced from the Kentucky State Tree Nurseries), we almost exclusively plant trees of landscape-size (approximately 1.5”-3” caliper). Our balled-and-burlapped trees are grown in family-run nurseries located in northern Kentucky and southern Indiana. We source a large number of container trees from a grower outside of Indianapolis, and occasionally we will bring in bareroot stock from Oregon.