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This is some intro copy to help introduce why trees are good for people, animals, the environment and so on.

What kind of trees should I plant?

When selecting a tree for your yard, consider a few different questions:

  1. How much space do you have? Are there any overhead utilities where you want to plant? Consider how large your tree will be at maturity.
  2. What kind of features are you looking for? Would you like to have spring flowers, fall color, interesting bark or overall shape?
  3. How much maintenance are you willing to undertake? Some trees require a bit more effort – whether they drop acorns, seed pods or berries that require cleaning up, or perhaps need to be pruned more frequently.

Once you’ve decided upon your tree criteria, consult our Short Guide of Favorite Trees or visit a local garden center for some expert advice. You’ll want to make sure to consult the Louisville Metro Master Tree List to avoid selecting any invasive species.