E. Oak & S. Preston – Ales for Advocacy

Beer and trees — could you ask for a better combo? We’re surely hard-pressed to think of one. Which is why we were thrilled when, back in April, we were contacted by the owners of Holy Grale, Gralehaus and the Louisville Beer Store about the opportunity to do an Earth Day Fundraiser at each of their locations. The event was a great success, and a portion of each sale was donated to fund tree planting projects in Districts 4 and 8 (where the businesses are located).
Around that time, it just so happened that we were contacted by District 4 Council Representative Barbara Sexton-Smith with a plea to plant some trees on South Preston Street in the Shelby Park neighborhood. A neighborhood resident had been hard at work restoring a few homes in the area and, knowing how much value trees add to a city block, hoped to be able to get some trees installed in the tree wells along the street.
Originally a pavement-covered block with hardly a tree in sight, the Oak & Preston corner has now been transformed with the addition of a number of new tree wells, funded by District 4 Council Representative Barbara Sexton Smith, and 10 trees planted with help from Holy Grale volunteers along the sidewalk and in the front yards of a few homeowners. We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out and hope we have a chance to expand upon this project in the future!