Categories Class C

Japanese Lilac tree

(Syringa reticulata) 20-30ft height and 15-25ft spread at maturity Plant in full sun Produces very fragrant blooms in late spring; attractive bark Attracts pollinator insects ... Continue reading →

Star Magnolia

(Magnolia stellata) 15-20ft height and 10-15ft width at maturity Medium/fast growth rate Full sun/partial shade Produces an abundance of showy flowers in early-to-late spring ... Continue reading →

Fringe tree

(Chionanthus virginicus) 12-20ft height and spread at maturity Full sun/partial shade Good urban tree; tolerates air pollution Slightly fragrant, spring-blooming flowers; produces clusters of olive-like fruits in summer – great source of food for wildlife Yellow leaves in autumn ... Continue reading →

Kousa dogwood

(Cornus kousa) 15-25ft h, 25ft spread at maturity Slow/medium growth rate Full sun/partial shade Flowers May/June; rich fall color (scarlet and purple) Produces pink/red fruit that attracts songbirds ... Continue reading →


(Acer griseum) Typically 15-25ft, can grow up to 40ft Full sun/partial shade Slow growth rate Attractive cinnamon-colored ‘papery’ bark, good fall color ... Continue reading →


(Amelanchier arborea) 15-25ft height and spread at maturity Medium growth rate Full sun/partial shade Blooms delicate white flowers in March/April; produces edible berry-like fruit in summer Red and gold fall color ... Continue reading →


(Cercis canadensis) ‘Pink Pom Poms’ ‘Appalachian Red’ ‘Rising Sun’ 20-30ft h, 25-35ft spread at maturity Medium growth rate Full sun/partial shade Heart-shaped leaves; bright pink/purple flowers in early spring Produces long, brown seed pods ... Continue reading →